Apple! Apple! Apple!

Past decade has clearly given Apple technologies soaring heights in revenues. When the complete industry was facing a dip, Apple sales were still rising up. In 2010 Apple sales jumped upto 70% when the entire IT industry got the increase of merely 4.5%. With the growing demands of Apple technology, the demands among IT professionals to seek Apple certifications has also increased.

Most of the analyst these days thinks that Apple has successful due to all the superficial reasons, like good design, carefree and airy- casual look, attractive products and marketing strategies (Steve Jobs factor). However, only considering these factors for their overall success would be wrong, because many other companies tried to emulate them but did not get the same success.

Apple Certifications are listed in the ‘10 Best IT Certification lists for 2012’ in many survey reports this year. Due to rise of IT professionals in Apple credentials, Apple trainings and certification programs are gaining immensely popularity among the IT professionals.

There are many innovative methods in which the Apple trainings are imparted. Some of our training programs are:

The benefits

Training programs provides participants with required confidence and in-depth knowledge to work in various features of Apple products. These programs are designed by strategists and proven for providing supreme level of technical proficiency to the aspirants.

Apple exams are obtained from any Prometric Testing centers and apple Authorization Training centers.

Mercury Solutions Limited has in-house Testing centers.

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