Become IT specialist with IT trainings and certifications

As IT industry is engaging new projects and tapping new talents again, after the recent distressed economic crisis, there is a need of more IT specialists. The challenge here, is transforming raw technical graduates from ‘trainable’ to ‘specialist’ in a particular field. Only IT Trainings and Certifications can assists the corporate to transform the raw graduates to become IT specialists. Here are certain mandatory IT certifications:

CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA A+ Certification – Considered as a benchmark, IT professionals gets apt exposure of basic networking knowledge and get ready for high end networking trainings. One may learn concepts on installing, maintaining, securing and troubleshooting computer systems. It’s a technical base for entry-level computer service technician.

CompTIA Network+ Certification – Validates professional credential in installing, configuring and troubleshooting network hardware, peripherals and protocols. Also, makes one efficient enough for effectively carrying out troubleshooting of the networking system.

CompTIA Security+ Certification – The certification designates knowledge and skills of IT professionals in IT security. Makes IT professionals well equipped the knowledge to undertake any job related responsibility pertaining to system security, network infrastructure, access control and organizational security.

Cisco Certifications

CCENT Certification – It’s a beginner level certification for the network professionals that validate skills in handling small enterprise networks. Equip professional with fundamental knowledge of routing and switching networks LAN & WAN technologies, wireless and security concepts.

CCNA Certification- Being as one of the highly recognized and respected certification in the IT field, this certification course equip the IT professionals with skills to configure, operate, install, and troubleshoot small & medium-size routing and switching networks.

CCNP Certification - Validates that the IT professional holding this certification is capable enough to support all Cisco Integrated Service Routers (ISR), wireless and voice. Being an advance Cisco certification, it trains the professionals on various techniques to deploy and support voice, wireless and security applications on the network edge.

Microsoft Certifications

MCITP Certification – Verifies the ability to install Microsoft SQL Server and administer databases or multidimensional databases, database availability, user accounts, recovery and reporting.

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