CCNA & CCNP Combo Bootcamp – Best of both the worlds!

Cisco certification programs have always been widely respected and in demand in the IT industry. As it brings measurable rewards to the IT professionals and enhance their credibility in the market and in the job interviews as well. Organizations always keep on adding such credible IT professionals and managers those who are vendor certified, with certification like, CCNA certification or CCNP certification.

CCNA certification being the foundation or the base level of networking Cisco certification, in the certification advancement pyramid, is considered a valuable credential. Professionals learn to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot small & medium-size routing and switching networks.

CCNP certification also is an advanced level Cisco certification, the candidates taking CCNP training learn various techniques to deploy and support wireless, voice, and security applications on the network edge, and become proficient in broadband technologies as well. One must have a valid Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or any CCIE Certification to be eligible for CCNP.

The best course to pursue for international students is CCNA & CCNP Training and Certification Combo program. Here, one may learn the concepts for one after the other. It has many other benefits as well, like one may get dual IT certifications in just one visit. It is cost effective for professionals and saves lot of commuting time as well.

Also, IT bootcamps have always been the best way to achieve strategic and effective IT trainings and achieve certifications. As staying away at an exotic location, away from peer influence and other office disturbances, for those professionals who are working, let them to concentrate with all the focus.

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