CCNA Certification – Average Salary & Other Contributing Factors

The most recognized associate level networking certification, CCNA certification is an entry-level certificate designed for IT professionals working for small to medium-sized networks. CCNA certification assists an IT professional to gain strength and foothold in the widely recognized IP community.

CCNA Salary
CCNA Certification Average Salary

Any certification help in gaining credibility with the employers in any organizations and helps IT professionals to increase their knowledge and create more values and generate avenues to give them chance to get a job at large and respectable IP company. CCNA certification shows that the certified individuals can instill, manage, organize and troubleshoot these networks as well as handle minor security threats and understand basic IP terminology.

Being the most sought after certification program by the employer in the computer networking field, CCNA certification may get anyone a raise in salary as much as 20%. In US the salary of a CCNA certification holder may run anywhere from $30,000 to $90,000, considering other factors such as experience, workplace and additional education and the living cost of the city etc.

According to the survey done by reputed company Salary Survey showed this number at $79,695. Generally, the job roles for a CCNA certification holder include IT network administrator, network engineer, systems engineer, IT manager and IT director. The job roles hold different salary at every level and that also varies according to individual credibility and other mentioned factors. While the IT network administrator gets the lowest the IT director get the highest salary.

CCNA Average Salaries by Job Roles:

  • A Network administrator earns about $50,268 a year
  • A systems engineer earns $61,958 per annum
  • A network engineer earns $62,964
  • An IT manager makes $76,250
  • An IT director is worth $90,862 a year.

Senior IT Engineers May Earn More than Engineers:

  • A senior systems engineer makes around $83,741 per year
  • A senior network engineer earns about $85,506.
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