CCNA Certification: Three things to consider for a successful IT career

IT professionals seeking successful IT careers in networking, begin their journey with Cisco CCNA certification exam. Most consider the CCNA passing and the CCNA exam as crucial and the most essential part of the learning process and as the first step to achieve the career goal. Having a certification not only validates ones capabilities in the core competencies, but also enhance ones professional horizon and add benefits to overall career gains.

The CCNA certification exam covers the basics that any networking professional must understand and have knowledge into, such as establishing routers and switches, setting up networks and troubleshooting existing network configurations. The best method to enhance one’s networking skills and get in-depth knowledge of the concepts, it is imperative to get enrolled for a CCNA training course. This not only brushes up all the topics covered on the certification exam, it also hones your overall hand-on skills. However, it is very critical to choose a perfect training course, which gives one an all-round  experience.

Here, are few areas which one needs to consider when choosing for a particular trainings course:

Prepare for the career, not the test. It is always advisable for the professionals getting ready to take the CCNA certification exam, is to prepare well with the long term goal in mind, and not the immediate returns. To be precise, one should always enroll with the trainings that will give you an in-depth knowledge of the key concepts and not simply prepare you to clear the exam. The test is simply the demonstration of the skills that the professional already possess, cramming through the course material may win you the certification, however may not equip you with proper training on the real life or on-job complexities that arise in any networking system. If a professional wants to be best in the respective field then getting the best training course is indeed mandatory.

Hands-on or real-life learning is the most effective approach
Research shows that the best way to teach a new skill to the pupil is not by simply stuffing them with all the information, instead of hands-on trainings helps in greater retention of what was taught. The best teachers know that actually manipulating the content makes students remember in a better manner and it lasts forever in the memory. It is the same with CCNA training classes. While some courses provide lot of information, which eventually make them forget the key concepts, the best courses are those that provide hands-on practice with real network components. When choosing a training course, a hands-on training program leads to better understanding of the course material. Hence, it makes the professionals not only a better test-taker, but more importantly, a better IT networking professional.

Seek value over price
Seeking the cheapest is not always valuable. When it comes to choosing the right CCNA training course, the professionals should look for value instead of saving.  Some training courses are inexpensive and equip you with lot of information. Hand-on trainings from industry experts cannot be replaced by practicing questions on an internet self-study course. Learning from industry experts evaluate your skills and pinpoint areas you need more practice in. This level of attention can only be given to you by experts. Therefore, the price naturally increases for a hands-on course with an experienced instructor, however when one considers the value of the learning that one gains from a hands-on course, there is no comparison.

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