CCNA security training, a stepping stone for IT security career

Cisco provides comprehensive training programs to achieve perfect security in an organization. Being the pioneers of networking landscape, they keep on developing latest technologies to ensure network security, to balance with the ever growing network infrastructure. Recently, Cisco announced a number of new specializations in its most popular certification program, which is CCNA program, popularly known as CCNA security certification.

CCNA security training program provides basic knowledge about the core security technologies of Cisco, it enables one to get a professional validation and introduction to network security principles and concepts technologies that every Cisco admin should know and use, to secure the network.

It enables the network professionals to successfully build up a security infrastructure, identify various threats impacting networks, and strategize to mitigate security threats. Besides, CCNA security training program focuses entirely on key security technologies, configuration, administration and troubleshooting small and medium networks to maintain privacy and accessibility of data and devices.

Such trainings provide best possible support for the candidate looking forward to have a long term professional career in network security and also extend expertise to clear CCNA Security certification exam.

One has myriad benefits of CCNA security training; professionals acquire hands-on knowledge and skills, emphasizing practical experience needed for entry-level job roles in network security. The certified professionals differentiate themselves in the IT market with specialized skills and expertise to achieve success.

The only pre-requisite for giving this certification examination is a valid CCNA certification, after which to achieve this specialization one has to clear 640-553 IINS (Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security). Hence, it provides with all round understanding of specific areas which make a more chiseled and confident Cisco admin, besides acting as a good next step in one’s career path.

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