CCNA training

I guess whosoever is interested in internet and networking should go for the hot selling CCNA training. This base-level networking course is a stepping stone for achieving any Cisco certification and gateway to a great IT career. So, let’s get into the network traffic.

Pursuing CCNA training, you would learn to configure various routing protocols, design and connect LAN & Wan, implement network security, deploy network media, follow a layered approach using the TCP/IP and OSI models, design IP address schema, operate and configure Cisco IOS, verify IP routes, filter IP traffic with access lists, and establish point-to-point & Frame Relay connections.

CCNA course also covers designing and managing Switched Networks. You will be taught how to extend and optimize switched networks with VLANs and Spanning Tree Protocol. For smooth functioning of Network the course also teaches how to perform troubleshooting of LAN and WAN.

Once you have a basic knowledge of these technologies, you are ready to appear for the Cisco CCNA 640-802 certification exam, and have a plethora of core networking technologies to master. To name a few: Voice, wireless, security, service provider, storage networking, etc.

So if you wish to stand above the rest, get the most respected networking CCNA training & certification out there. Getting certified after training is no icing on the cake, rather a necessity. A certified CCNA professional is highly confident of his networking skills and a first choice of the employers. A valuable asset for his organization, he is always in a position to command a higher pay package.

There are a good number of IT training centers providing CCNA training in India but very few with the hi-tech Cisco devices and certified CCSI trainers. So enquire well before getting registered.

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