CISA EXAM this December!

Last minute preparation for CISA December exam has started for those IT professionals who have made goals to achieve CISA certification before the year passes by. IT professionals have one more chance this year to appear for the exam. The CISA exam scheduled date, for those who have already registered, is – December 8, 2012.

After which the next exam will be held in June 2013. With the recent developments, many certifications are now conducted in electronic medium, ISc2 and others have moved to electronic testing, while ISACA is still following the CISA exam twice in a year in the same old pattern. If you are among those who have made a goal to get this certification this is your time to brush up the concepts again and get prepared as the exam is just around the corner.

The exam will expect you to understand five domains. These include:

  1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems
  2. Governance and Management of IT
  3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation
  4. Information Systems Operations, Maintenance, and Support
  5. Protection of Information Assets

These mentioned areas make up the main core theory of CISA. These domains cover a wide range of topics, such as encryption, physical security, access controls and Internet security devices.

CISA certification offers in-depth knowledge at the controls. These controls are technical, administrative, physical in nature and each aspect add a layer of defense so that a company’s critical assets are protected. The best pattern is to study the exam objectives again and be clear on which part is to emphasize more on. One should clearly read and understand the concepts and invest in practice questions.

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