Cisco CCNA security certification- why is it must for CCNA certified professionals?

As the industry is growing and everyday new cutting edge technologies are coming up, the demands for Cisco security professionals are also increasing in the industry, alongwith the CCNA certified professionals. The security threats in the network are also evolving at a rapid pace, hence the demands of the organizations has moved and they are seeking networking professionals with security skills. This has resulted into more and more Cisco networking professionals seeking CCNA Security training and certification program.


Cisco as considered the industry leader in providing new technologies in networking sphere developed CCNA Security certification as one of the pertinent technology to display credentials in Cisco security. Additionally, CCNA Security training and certification is also vital to attain higher credentials in IT security sphere.

Let us see few factors that make this technology training a mandate for IT professionals:

CCNA security training besides training the CCNA professionals with the credentials to get foundation level IT security roles for Cisco networks, it also globally recognized and preferred IT certification in Cisco technologies.

To deal with everyday Cisco security issues, organizations have started hiring networking professionals with security skills, this is partly the outcome of economic uncertainty in the organizations and partly as security concerns and vulnerabilities are main concerns of this age. Cisco as one of the pioneers of the network landscape developed and established a focused program – CCNA Security training and certification program to enable the networking professionals get hands-on training and certification in IT security skills.

CCNA Security training course equips IT professionals with the credentials require for job roles, such as:

  • Network security specialists
  • Support engineers
  • Security administrators

The training course covers network security principles such as:

  • Security, LAN/SAN/voice/endpoint security
  • Cisco IOS firewalls
  • Cisco IOS intrusion protection systems (IPS) and site-to-site VPNs, required to get prepared for the exam.

Additionally, CCNA security credentials ensure that the professional is equipped with the knowledge to implement and manage connections to remote sites using the WAN.

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