Cisco training, indispensable for network professionals to keep up the value

Over population of CCNA achievers yet keeping the value intact

Cisco, the pioneer of networking landscape continues to hold an eminent market position. They incessantly launch new innovations every day to conquer, for the networking professionals. Some of the Cisco trainings are incredibly respected and valued for a long time now. Even after the over population of achievers some certifications hasn’t fallen or devalued, instead their certifications is still the one you require if you work in networking.

It’s certain that not every certification vendor has taken the same pride in their certifications and evolved and set new challenges for the professionals. There are definite reasons why and how Cisco trainings are still the main focus for network professionals. Among other Cisco certifications CCNA is considered one of the basic and crucial at the same time to conquer.

One of the main reasons of CCNA has kept its value in the long run, is because of the level of difficulty of its test. The passing standard kept is very difficult to achieve. Many IT professionals fail CCNA time after time, due to lack of commitment and inappropriately strategized trainings. Which is why, this Cisco training and certification is supremely valued and recognized worldwide.

Secondly, the tests are set so strategically that it churn the crowd and weed out the ones who just buy the test answer on the internet and study them. The test being more application based and less theoretical, so the applicants are required to know the routers and also required to be systematically trained on the entire courseware.
Thirdly, prior experience or at least basic understanding of networking is required to perform well at CCNA. It is obvious that routing and switching experience is not mandatory for this Cisco training and certification, however, one is required to have knowledge of the things like sub netting, TCP/ IP and other things that are basic to networking.

Another mandatory requirement to keep abreast of the rest and keeping the value up for Cisco training and certification is re-certification. After every three years the professionals need to re-certify themselves as the technology also changes in time. Re-certification is the best way to keep the value of the certification and keep the professionals on their toes. Overall, CCNA certification is a winner amongst all the Cisco trainings and certification programs till date.

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