CompTIA CTP+ certification, the triple ladder to career in convergence

Looking for a career opportunity in convergence? CompTIA CTP+ training is the key to your success.

Research indicates that many organizations, these days are aggressively deploying convergence solutions. The rapidly growing demands of converged voice, video and data networking have suddenly raised the demands for this course. So, if you want to break into the convergence market, it’s best to focus on CompTIA CTP+ training & certification, and gain knowledge about the underlying technologies that are common to most vendors’ products.

There are good opportunities with vendors and value-added resellers (VAR) serving the market and corporations and government agencies deploying the solutions. Organizations’ after doing comprehensive research indicated that regardless of size of the industry are aggressively deploying the solutions. There are a lot of vendors with competing products; the vendors are consolidating, so products on the market one day could be on the losing end of a company acquisition the next day. CompTIA CTP+ (Convergence Technologies Professional) certification is hence considered as highly recognized certification in this space.

CompTIA CTP+ training & certification provides verification of knowledge of essential professional level technologies, including data networking, telephony networking, and convergence technologies. CompTIA CTP+ training does a good job of explaining how the data world and the telecommunications world intersect.

CompTIA CTP+ training & certification is important for hiring very specific types of individuals who have not only base level network administration skills but also knowledge of convergence technologies. To get our network administrators and technicians well trained and certified at a base level and to deliver better service to the customers, this is a good starting and jumping point.

Achieving the highly recognized CompTIA CTP+ certification, the candidates becomes distinguished in the IT industry and opens excellent career opportunities for themselves. This vendor-neutral CompTIA CTP+ accreditation, demonstrates the essential knowledge and skills in convergence industry standards and protocols, signaling, infrastructure, topology convergence, basic telephony, and Voice over IP (VoIP).

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