CompTIA Security+ training – to secure your career in IT industry

Since the inception, CompTIA Security+ Certification has become an important credential across organizations, both in government agencies and private sector companies. It has maintained its positions as a most popular IT certification. CompTIA Security+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification, thus it encompasses a broad range of knowledge that is not tied to any specific brand or software.

For the beginners, CompTIA Security+ certification is not only the right choice; it is also a credential that validates one’s worth to perform a job specific role related to information security. However, one is required to achieve the certification by clearing the exams. To clear the CompTIA Security + certification exam, CompTIA Security+ training classes are a must; it gives one required confidence and equips candidates with the key concepts to clear the exam.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

To test the worth and knowledge of entry level IT security professionals, CompTIA Security+ certification exam has been designed. It is a 90 minute exam with 100 questions. The exam topics cover topics such as:

  • Cryptography
  • Public Key Infrastructure and Access Security Risk Analysis
  • Wi-Fi and Remote Access
  • Security Policies
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • IDS and Forensics

Hence, enrolling for CompTIA Security+ training course is immensely beneficial for those looking to clear the certification.


Two or more years of experience in information security is recommended, however, it is not a mandatory criterion.

Significance of CompTIA Security+ Certification

Once you achieve the CompTIA certification, you are sure to get a pay hike and earn a salary which is at least 20% more. Since over the years, the security attacks have evolved and also internet is used as an essential part of their business operations, organizations are more prone to security attacks and significant loss of their company assets due to internet related incidents. Hence, there are more factors that are responsible to increase demands of information security and making it as an utmost priority. Namely,

  • Transformation of business to e-business
  • Some mandate legislations
  • Dire need to protect the business infrastructure from increasing breaches and threats

To combat such situations, organizations need to hire more information security professionals. This will result in increase demands of security professionals.

If IT security is something that interests you, CompTIA Security+ certification is just the thing to enhance your career and make you more valuable for employers.

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