CompTIA to top the salary charts in 2015 – Survey analysis


They say – Doing what you like is freedom while liking what you do is happiness.”

Career in IT industry is a dream for millions, owing to the impressive compensation packages that it offers. It is definitely a path to the greener pastures. It has been proved that even through the economic turmoil the industry has held it credibility. Also, it has been established as a fact that IT Certifications is a significant differentiator for employees. Both aspirants and veterans get benefitted with IT certification in this ever evolving IT job market.

As we are completely aware about the benefits of IT training and certification programs, it is the time to unfold the mysteries of IT Certifications and the popular ones, attaining which, can impart us better career opportunities. While talking about IT certification, we cannot undermine CompTIA. CompTIA certifications hold lot of integrity in the industry and among IT professional circles. The certifications are globally recognized and popular. It had been found in recent data surveys that CompTIA certification, namely –

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Server+ Training,
  • CompTIA Security+ Training
  • CompTIA Network+ Training and others

add immense boost to your career and offer rewards as well. The organization offer complete CompTIA certification roadmap that is helpful in offering top-flight long term IT career to the aspirants.

Salary survey – Analysis Report

A recent survey with Certification Magazine took a poll of more than 18000 IT professionals. In this survey, their average salaries were calculated and reported for each IT Certification. Further, the survey shows a wide-ranging look at the salaries, to the extent that’s possible, being paid in this domain. The survey was open for participants from every IT discipline with or without the screening process. The screening was that a participant needs to have at least one certification.

The survey results were quite interesting–

CompTIA certifications were numbered among 75 popular certifications in the industry to get started with. The salaries for the holders were reported as –

  • CompTIA A+ average salary was reported as $79,390
  • while, CompTIA Network+ was describes as $90,280,
  • CompTIA Security+ touches $93,990 mark,
  • Whereas CompTIA Server+ reaches $73,140 and
  • CompTIA Linux+ reaches $72,650 mark.

CompTIA A+ to jumpstart your career:

Foundation level CompTIA certifications, such as – CompTIA A+ certification and others are particularly more popular than the rest. The professionals and aspirants those who hold the mentioned certifications, opens up their avenues to rise in their career ladder, and attain better credentials in future, which in turn give them opportunities to attain better salaries.

So, needless to say that you may not be getting $80,000 in your first year however, in due course of time CompTIA A+ credential can take your career to another level. You definitely earn more upon being certified.

CompTIA certification – Higher Level

For those who attain higher level certifications expects to get value addition in your profile year after year. The report shows that CompTIA Security+ certification has risen 5% from $89,440 in 2013 to $93,990 in 2014. It is still expected to rise even more in 2015. Keeping aside the survey report, IT certification such as CompTIA training and certifications is a handy source to get your career up the professional ladder.

See what respondents say

As per the survey respondents, majority (61%) say reported to have received a raise in 2014. The 20% among those who received this raise have been reported to have got more than 10% of hike.

So, all these professionals, approximately 40 %, chalks-up their promotions and salary hikes to IT certifications that they have achieved within the year. They strongly convey the increased demand for their skills in the industry upon attaining the right certification.

CompTIA hence, give a fundamental basis to all your career endeavours as described in this report analysis.

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