ECSA/ LPT Certification – Learn to Implement Security Solutions

ECSA_Blog_1The keystone that is the base of the entire EC-Council Information Security certification track is Licensed Penetration Tester certification. CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker training course gives insight into the individual handling and prevention of threats that can compromise the privacy, while LPT training course covers wide range of skills required by penetration security of any organization. The ECSA (EC-Council Security Analyst) training program offers a diverse and integrated methodology that can be utilized for the purpose of analyzing the strength of the security testers.

There are many EC-Council training providers in the market, who impart ECSA training and certification programs. However, the quality of the training programs and training services provided differs. If a training provider for an ECSA is an EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award recipient, one can be assured of the training programs.

Let’s have a sneak peek at the benefits of LPT training:

The ECSA /LPT training and certification programs make a trainee, an expert in area, like security testing of a company network by allowing one to imbibe the basic and the advanced hacking and penetration practices. Additionally, it provides in-depth expertise and skills that one needs to advice administrators regarding network security. The focus here is on business data environment that is safe and resistant to tampering.

Also, for any business it is critical to have a secured network. LPT professionals who are efficient and reliable in finding and fixing the weak points and vulnerabilities in the system are always high in demand.

It is an effective assessment of the threats and the risk that hampers network security. ECSA/ LPT training is based upon the methods and hacking techniques. The objective of this training is to understand the number of ways through which it can be attacked maliciously.

Mercury Solutions Limited is awarded as EC-Council CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE – ATC Award. We are the leading provider of EC-Council official courses. Get in touch with us now to know more and get better learning!


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