Evaluating the worth of the ECSA and LPT Certifications by EC- Council

Among the various information security course provided by EC-Council, EC Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) and Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certification program is the most advance ethical hacking certification program. It not only compliments the most basic Ethical hacking training program recognized these days, it the expected hit the hot list of demands in near future.

While the basic CEH v7 training and certification program mainly trains the IT professionals about the tools and techniques used in ethical hacking, the ECSA certification program focuses on the outcomes. ECSA and LPT certification programs are of highly sensitive nature and hence it is immensely significant for the IT professionals to get enrolled with the licensed training centers known as ATC’s (Accredited Training Center) and get trained by CEI’s (Certified EC-Council Instructor).

The main purpose for ECSA and LPT certification holders is to identify security risks, mitigate risk from network infrastructures and systems and keep data safe and secure. ECSA and LPT certification ensures that the IT professionals pursuing these trainings are of high quality and are ready to work on security architectures of several types and performing various job roles.

The course content in ECSA and LPT certification and training program covers most advanced penetration and security based intense assignments and best practices that include, War Dialing, advanced wireless testing, pre-penetration testing checklists, database, log management, etc. Now-a-days, with the increased hacking attacks by malicious hackers, various IT training courses like ECSA and LPT certification demand is sure to rise.

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