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Now, in today’s rat race, we all know how important it is to be certified and recognized. Training Boot Camps not only help you develop and enhance your real world business skills but also help you stand above the rest.

Bootcamps, the latest trend in training, is one way that helps busy IT professionals to get certified quickly. The classes are fast paced and grueling but exciting too. And the satisfaction of gaining the certification in just a week’s time is tremendous. While teaching, the instructors move from course to course to course and upon the completion of each class, the student is tested through question and answer drills and on-site testing sessions. Various group exercises and discussions are held wherein the candidates get a chance to share their knowledge and information ….and trust me it helps a lot in boosting their confidence.

Now if you are seeking to earn a certified expertise in any of the technologies, in a limited time frame and at an affordable price, you have come to the right place. Mercury Solutions Ltd. is one destination wherein the students learn, practice, test and get certified for multiple IT vendor certifications.

To ensure our student’s success, we have a high quality learning conducive environment, well-experienced instructors, and a customized curriculum. To provide in -depth practical knowledge of their chosen subject we have well-equipped labs, where students have access to the most advanced devices.

So, if you wish to get trained and certified in the most economical and a luxurious way,

By Cisco Trainer-Saurabh Gupta

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