Hiring hackers, is it a good idea?

Get CEHv8 certified professionals instead

Irrespective of the size and scale of the businesses, IT threats are hampering every company’s information security sphere. Due to this reason, management boards of the companies are constantly trying to find more methods and efficient ways to mitigate these crises. Now-a-days companies are trying to develop ways to ensure that their critical information remains safe and secure. However, the answer is not simple about hiring more information security professionals. As the skill gap between skilled information security professionals has become wide, the demand supplies dynamics of skilled workforce in this domain is imbalance.

To resolve this issue, many organizations are resorting to desperate measures such as – they have started looking for hiring hackers as IT security agents. Yes, it is true!

In this write-up, we will focus on factors that show how viable is this solution, for any organization, of hiring hackers may or may not be.

A survey:

According to a recent study conducted, almost 70% of the respondents surveyed thought that hiring an ex-hacker can definitely cater to their needs of serving as a strong IT security maintenance system and answer to their IT security issues.

While, an aptly skilled IT professional is somebody who has completed CEHv8 training and is a CEHv8 certified professional. However, there is a big skill gap in the market, ethical hackers are difficult to find. Hence, to fill this skill gap industry is now looking for real- time intruders who can serve their purpose.

This may not be a brilliant idea and must be exercised with great caution. There is no short-cut to developing or acquiring the right skills.

Mercury Solutions Limited offers best trainings in CEHv8, CSCU, EHFI/ LPT, ENSA and many other information security trainings from EC-Council and other elite vendors such as CISSP.

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