How to get and maintain your IT job amidst economic crisis?

Certain critical steps to be in demand and keep up your position in the Industry- invest in yourself and show your worth

The global economic situation is making times very uncertain for IT experts. It has become really tough for the IT professionals to find and keep a job, while IT professionals and IT experts were completely safe about their position in the company, now they have started feeling insecure and constantly updating their resumes.

The times are extremely competitive, so there are certain important factors that you may want to consider, to maintain your worth in the organization and the industry at large, to keep and grow in your present job role. Also, for those who are seeking employment, against the peers who are competing with you to fetch that new job opening and the already working crowd who think it isn’t that necessary to uphold the relevance.

So let’s discuss the vital points that may assist you to find and keep your job these days:

Expand your scope of knowledge: IT security, virtualization and Linux trainings

In IT sphere, being the jack of all trades and master of none, was never considered as a thing of appreciation. It was always the world of IT specialists, however, since the times have changed, it is better to be an expert in one field and to know little about everything. Here, the benefit lies in broadening one’s avenues and learning more things, other than what you already know.

Some of the hottest technological trends include IT security, virtualization and Linux. IT professionals should pursue IT training courses, like CEHv7 training and CISSP training etc. Virtualization is yet another new ground, hence professionals should also expand knowledge and pursue VMware training and certification course etc.

Establish your knowledge to an employer:  Get IT certification today

In today’s scenario IT certifications became something that distinguishes you from the next IT guy. Experience is something that makes you infallible however, IT certifications ensures that you have knowledge and you are up-to-date on that product’s newer and significant topics.

Create good impression: In the interview & at your current job

You are required to prove you worth by explaining clearly and precisely about the work you have done so far. The IT trainings and certifications that you have undergone are required to be displayed and explained about, here. This is not the time to be modest with your achievements, one need to be showy and boastful to sustain your worth and get the required attention and respect among peers and the employer.

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