Is Passive Learning or Classroom Experience Fading Away? A Deeper Look

Live interactive virtual training
Is Classroom Experience Fading Away

Conventional classrooms or training centers often give us a vision of worn-out equipment, chalkboards all over the place and old dilapidated chair and yellow lighting. New ergonomic classroom and world-class training rooms have replaced this old school facility. The old school environment is not only disorderly but also troublesome to the modern technology learners, especially those who are passionate for learning newer technologies.

Today the world around has evolved so much so that our relationship with technology has changed over the years. For example, emerging technologies are providing us with the real-time information that we require, on demand, at our fingertips.

Training delivery modes have evolved over the years and classroom setting is slow to catch up. Modern education/ IT Training Providers are keeping themselves up-to-date with latest tools and techniques, facility equipment and ergonomic seating and other facilities. These IT training providers are taking utmost care to keep-up with the latest technologies and create more and more student centric learning environments for achieving better interaction between instructors and participants.

With technologies and collaboration coming in focus, the passive learning scene is fading away. This learning preference has been noticed globally from various learning partners. The learning scene is evolving drastically and utilization of technology for learning success has been enhanced through the usage of tools that the instructor’s use to engage with the participants. Here, we are talking about the virtual platform, for imparting IT training programs. In this kind of training delivery, participants can interact Live with the trainer and also see the screens that he is sharing. It is a two way interactive mode in which they can even ask questions and solve their doubts.

Consumption of information is becoming more customized and tailored and changing to match the way we would like to learn. Imagine a world in few decades times all virtual – mobile. Whatever the scenario might be, it would be the education provider’s work to evolve with the times and provide students and learners with maximum benefits with the least possible hassles and enhance their learning time and investment.

In this era, classroom technology needs to be integrated into modern learning experience. Mercury Solutions are proud to have been offering world-class facilities and creating a unified technology-focused education experience which is industry and user relevant.

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