Is rapid evolution in technology wearing out your IT job role?

The initial phase of the 21st century has ushered a raft of new innovations and technologies in the IT industry. This paradigm shift has influenced the way IT industry works and even the demands of IT job roles in the industry.

Disappearance of traditional IT jobs

The traditional programmer jobs are disappearing. It has been predicted that these jobs are to reduce even more in coming years. The recent advancements in mobile-based technologies mean major changes for programmers. Languages such as .NET, Python, Ruby, HTML5, RESTful Web Services, JavaScript and JQuery are in vogue and the demands in the industry is to rise even more.

Additionally, Network Administrator roles are also going the way of the dodo bird. The new Cloud technologies are making the skill set of the 20th century network admin obsolete. The other traditional job roles such as wiring and coupling, installing updates or patches or added additional storage in Network Administrator tasks are becoming outdated.

The present Network Admins who remain will need to be qualified in server and desktop virtualization.

Getting future-ready…

There is a different set of combination of hard and soft skills required to actually tap into Big Data. There is dearth of professionals who can come up with useful insights to structure the huge amount of unstructured data. The professionals who have the skills to take the unstructured data and use it in highly structured form in real-world business is to be in demand.

With the growing value of Data the significance of protecting it has also increased. IT Security specialists are going to be in demand in the foreseeable future. IT professionals with knowledge of virtualization technologies and Network security is a good match for the current industry demands.

With the growing demands of business operations in IT, it goes without saying that the basic programming and easy to document business process and support jobs will be growing. So, IT specialists with new skill sets like project management, public speaking, math, engineering expertise will be in demand in future.

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