IT corporate training, the enterprise learning framework transformed overtime

Today’s IT corporate training methodologies has transformed fundamentally. The blended learning programs employed these days are high performing. Owing to the ever growing technological advancements, various latest methods are incorporated like knowledge management, communities of practice and better models of blended learning.

Over the last decade the way of imparting IT corporate trainings has evolved tremendously. Traditional instructor led training, which is still very much used for all training deliveries, was the primary form of training once. Eventually, it was complimented by various forms of technology (CD ROMs, Video disks, VHS tapes, Video Broadcasts) with a goal of increasing effectiveness and reach and reducing cost.

Then the mad rush of putting everything online started. This era in IT corporate training initiated when organizations started repurposing all their programs and developed linear, formal training programs for the web. After much hoopla, organizations adopted more and more blended learning concepts and the internet became more widely available.

Employees have access to formal training, overwhelming amounts of other information, and actual human beings online to impart IT corporate training sessions these days. Various methods were adopted and by adding all the evolution together the corporate learning landscape has undergone dramatic changes.

Now, IT corporate trainings are delivered considering various ways the employees can gain knowledge. To impart world class, effective trainings, the organization implement different methodologies like, virtual trainings, on-site or off-site training courses etc. to enhance the required skills of the employees. Starting from going to a class, to taking up of an online course, they can look for support information on the web, or they can find someone who knows what to do and get help.

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