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Seek CompTIA Security+ training and certification program this season!

With the increasing business and technological developments anytime-anywhere-any device has become new mantra of modern day organizations. Hence, it goes without saying that to safeguard of sensitive data has become a constant toil.

Owing to the growing demand of security sensitive data, computer security has become an essential IT career today. CompTIA Security+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification that is applicable to any computer system-vendor on any network.

CompTIA Security+ certification is an international, vendor-neutral certification that validates one’s proficiency in:

  • Network security
  • Application, data and host security
  • Threats and vulnerabilities
  • Compliance and operational security
  • Cryptography
  • Access control and identity management

Equipped with the apt knowledge of security concepts, tools and procedures to react to security incidents, CompTIA security+ training and certification holders are ready with apt knowledge and credentials to combat threats and guard against them.

Upon certification, the Candidates job roles include:

  • Security consultant/specialist,
  • Information assurance technician,
  • Security architect,
  • Network administrator
  • Security engineer,
  • Security administrator,
  • Systems administrator and

CompTIA Security+ Exam - Conducted in multiple languages by the International Organization for Standardization and by the American National Standards Institute, the exam is for 90 minutes and consists of 100 questions for a total score of 900 points. Ti typically covers the topics, like network infrastructure, system security, cryptography, assessments and audits. The passing marks here are 750.

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