Linux certifications on the rise – Linux professionals high in demand this season

The demands for certified Linux operating system developers and system administrators are increasing tremendously. To meet the industry requirements, many organizations are encouraging bonuses and salaries, additionally, they are also increasing the opportunities to increase the Linux trainings by various methodologies.

The recent salary survey statistics shows an increase, such as: Median salary for Linux-skilled technologists rose 5% to $84,000 last year (median bonuses at $5,000).

Organizations facing a serious crisis in finding talented and skilled professionals, who are certified, even after implementing bonuses as a recruiting tool.

The reason of this rise in demand is basically because the organizations are choosing this technology over the other technologies. Due to its reasonable cost and the ability to customize the operating cost, Linux is popular choice among many organizations, like Internet companies, starting from Facebook and Google to Amazon’s Kindle e-reader to Google’s Android operating system to Samsung televisions.

Hence, Linux professionals are in demand at every level, such as systems administrators, developers and IT managers.

Some of the in-demand Linux Training and Certification programs:

CompTIA Linux + certifications – This certification focuses mainly towards the entry level professionals, with a minimum of six to twelve months of Linux experience.

LPIC training and certification – It consists of three levels of certification those are distribution neutral: LPIC 1, LPIC 2, and LPIC 3. Upon completion of these exams, a Linux professional actually able to work at the Linux command line, perform easy maintenance tasks: help out users, add users to a larger system and maintain backup. With the higher certifications, the professionals may also get the charge of taking care of performing certain tasks to get qualified, like administer a small to medium sized site

Novell Certified Linux Engineer – This certification proves engineer-level skills for managers or architects of enterprise networks based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. Novell CLE 10 certification is targeted towards senior level professionals.

Red Hat Certifications – Red Hat is globally recognized software company that makes innovation of open source technology, which is consumable in mission-critical, enterprise environments.

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