Linux RHCE Boot Camp

Just like MCITP, RHCE too holds the most prominent position amongst the best known IT vendors’ courses.

Definitely not a cakewalk, earning this most challenging of the certifications gets you long awaited promotions, amazing career options and a high raise.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is the most valuable performance-based test that showcases high level skills required to manage a Linux workstation. Accredited as RHCE, the candidate is expert in installing and configuring networking services and security on servers running a Red Hat OS.
Though there is no prerequisite, it is recommended that the student has a good understanding of system administration before starting with this course.
In order to achieve RHCE credential, the student is required to pass – RH302 Exam
There are different approaches to master these Red Hat skills. And the one that gets you real-life experience is the Boot Camp. Boot Camp primarily focuses on the hands-on training. But if you are the one who believes in only cramming the subject, then I am afraid you are not cut out for this unique way of learning.
Following the holistic approach, Linux RHCE Boot Camp gives a fast, complete and an intensive coverage of the subject, allows one-on-one interactive teaching sessions between the student and trainer, provides labs and classrooms with high-end equipments, and has an environment where students can put in their 100% towards learning.
In Linux RHCE Boot Camp you would learn to use GNOME GUI, launch applications from command line and GNOME interface, and create & maintain the Linux file system by actually working on live systems.
All those database administrators, developers and support technicians who wish to quickly climb the success ladder must take the Linux RHCE Boot Camp route.
The course is available at

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