Make IT Certification Your New Year Resolution 2016 – An Edu-investment

New Year Resolution_2016

It’s time again to make new resolutions, follow your dreams and passions. You have done it in the past and are sure to do it again. Actually, the spirit of the season drives our inner strengths and motivates us to think about our future, so desperately, in the beginning of the year. This time make learning your priority. As we know “An investment in knowledge never goes waste”.

Here are five reasons as to why is won’t be disappointing to make IT Certification and Training your resolutions in coming year 2016:

  1. You can Make More Money – You can get empowered and make more money upon acquiring IT Certifications. As per recent statistics, professionals with ITIL/ Project+ Certification makes an average of $103,437 while a software engineer with Microsoft certifications earn an average of $91,342. Yet the lowest earning professional with Network+, CompTIA A+, Security+ certification holders earns an average of $47,026.
  2. You Get a Better Job – Employers in other industries besides IT industry are also seeking qualified IT professionals, as need of technology professionals is at an all time high. The industry is booming at a very fast pace and employers are hiring candidates on the basis of whether or not they have any certification added to their profile to showcase. IT certification validates your skills and knowledge of your domain to the world and that you take your work seriously and are aware of the new development in your field.
  3. IT Certification ensures Job Security – Not only IT certification helps you get your dream job it also helps you KEEP YOUR DREAM JOB. When any business look for removing waste or try to downsize, they tend to chuck out workers with little or no added skills.                        
  4. It indeed improves your tech skills – On your journey to attain an IT Certification you learn best industry practices and skills when you enroll for an IT Training program to prepare for that certification.
  5. Certifications keep you Mind Sharp – In order to perform at maximum potential, human brain needs to be exercises regularly, it goes without saying that training and certification preparation helps you improve your intellectual abilities.

Make attaining an IT Certification your New Year Resolution, as your begin this year with new enthusiasm. It definitely opens opportunities for higher salaries, a better job, sharper skills and altogether a better life.

As they say, there is no better time to begin than now…

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