Nature and Scope of Oracle Certifications in Modern Era

Scope of Oracle Certifications
Scope of Oracle Certifications in Modern Era

Surprisingly, in the past decade IT industry has undergone ups and downs however, because of the beautiful innovations and execution of cutting-edge technologies the businesses have gained more. Today, IT industry is one of the most sought after industries globally, and young and skilled professionals are aspired to be a part of this billion dollar industry.

Every organization is trying its level best to avoid outdated services, emphasizing more on innovations and trying to increase their customer base and invest more and more in research. Oracle is one of the best companies which has focused totally on innovations and brought inevitable sustainability. Oracle certifications have hence become highly recognized and most sought after certifications required to enhance your IT career.

It is always important to understand which Oracle certification you should go for and the proper approach to attain that particular certification.

Why to go for Oracle Training?

In pursuit of Oracle Certification, the prime objective of the IT professionals is to gain new information and skills, which one could only get by seeking Oracle Training programs. So, it is one of the best ways to attain expertise in the domain that you are interested into.

How Oracle Certification Affects your IT Career:

Oracle has few fabulous certifications which are in-demand such as Oracle 11g certification, Oracle 10g OCA/OCP DBA certification. So what exactly these certifications do:

  • You get better job prospects
  • Attain better job security
  • You get a pay raise or promotion

Types of Oracle Training that one may seek:

Classroom Training - Classroom training take place in the Authorized Learning partner of Oracle or an Oracle Education center. It is the oldest and most sought-after methods of imparting IT training to the aspirants. Classroom training are the most interactive way of learning, in which aspirants get to ask questions directly to the trainer on a live format.

Live Virtual Class – Live instructor-led interactive training classes are innovative concept of getting IT trained. The class is delivered live through a streaming video over the internet. It has every feature that a traditional classroom does, such as labs access, live interaction with instructor and many more. Moreover, it saves travel and stay expense.

Training on Demand – Training on Demand is similar to LVC; they differ in one way that is these are recorded rather than being streamed live. These are recorded classes from top instructors, the package include actual classes, hands-on practice environment, ability to ask questions from the instructors. You may access it anytime the videos at a faster or slower pace than they were given.

Self-Study Courses – Oracle’s self study courses are available in two modes, CD-ROMs or downloadable formats. This is the most cost-effective option.

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