Open-doors to Indo-US trade, IT Industry to grow in 2015

IT industry growth

All owing to the biggest market the US for India, IT sector in India is on all time rise. It is over a hundred billion IT and ITES industry now, that constitutes generating lakhs of jobs in IT sector. Recently, in a visit to India US President Barack Obama met with all the big heads in Indian IT sector ensuring even better Indo-US business in future.

Emerging as global leaders in IT services, the demand of IT workers in the market is on the rise more than ever. Considered as preferred profession, IT industry holds estimation of 25 percent contribution to the total domestic exports in the economy. For overall growth of the economy, the Indian companies need a lot of business from US. The recent Indo-US trade increased trade interest shall make it even more profitable. In turn, US based organization also benefit from us by achieving lower cost and gaining intellectual capital.

The organizations in India now are drastically rising up the value chain by advancing their technologies and optimizing financial transactions. In doing so, the organizations are interested in generating huge pool of qualified and skilled professionals in this process. IT companies prefer to hire skilled professionals with job-ready skills. IT training and certification programs are the most important step to attain the career of your dreams.

With the increasing needs of the industry for skilled and certified professionals, there are many organizations and IT training and certifications providers, those who are Authorized learning partners of IT vendors such as – Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, VMware, EC Council, CompTIA, Oracle and so forth starting imparting world-class and Official training programs on technologies such as – ethical hacking, virtualizations, networking, software development, databases and more.

Survey results:

Over the last couple of years, IT-ITES sector have increased the generation of IT related jobs. The industry needs are tremendous, let’s have a look:

  • The IT biggies such as Infosys has hired 2000 employees
  • TCS has hired 1600 in 2013-14 and plans to move ahead to 2000 jobs in 2014-2015
  • The IT industry has increased its mergers and acquisitions with US based companies (according to a study done by EY).
    Moreover, it is considered that US is continued to be the favourite destination for Indian IT-BPO players.

Mercury Solutions Limited offers the best IT Training and certification courses. You get training from seasoned, world-class, vendor-certified official trainers into technologies such as – Citrix, EC Council, CISA, VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, Oracle and many more. We provide IT training programs in various methods, like – IT Certification Boot Camps for international students and Virtual Instructor-led Live Virtual IT trainings.

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