Oracle Database 12c Training and Certification

Oracle Database 12c Training and Certification
Oracle Database 12c Training and Certification

In today’s competitive market, standing out from the rest is pertinent. With Oracle certification and Oracle training programs you meet the ever growing job requirements and prove your knowledge and position yourself for success.

The new Oracle Database 12c is a brand new product from Oracle, released upon careful listening to the customer needs. Oracle continues to listen to the customers’ needs and have added new features and functionality to address those needs. Mercury Solutions, with expert instructors impart quality training and certification programs to introduce you to these new features and functions of Oracle Database 12 product. Through Oracle training courses you can build up your database knowledge and apply this knowledge to advance your career.

Oracle Database 12 Training

As we know already, Oracle is the industry leader for database technology and keeps on adding newer technologies and products in its portfolio. Oracle is known for continuously upgrading their technology to fit in the market demands and address the market needs. The new products from Oracle i.e. Oracle Database 12c is no exception.

In this technology upgrade following domains have been greatly enhanced and upgraded. The areas of technology considered for your additional Oracle Database 12c training and certification:

  • Database for Cloud Computing
  • Improved Performance & Scalability
  • Extreme Availability
  • Manageability
  • Security Defense in Depth
  • Compression and Information Lifecycle Management

Oracle Certified Database Administrators reaping rewards

Becoming an Oracle Database Administrator through Oracle Training and Certification program increase your skill set and validate your expertise in implementing the most advanced database technology available. This is how you make yourself more marketable professional and the most eligible candidate in the job market.

Why to become Oracle Certified Database Administrator in Oracle 12c?

  • The technology emphasizes more on advanced skills which aligns aptly with industry standards that equips you with valuable credential for clients, employers and partners.
  • OCA for Oracle Database 12c center upon certification aims which measures IT professionals’ everyday skills and your ability to manage challenges.
  • Oracle Database 12c OCP training and certification incorporates the advanced level knowledge and skills required of top-performing database administrators.
  • While, OCM (Oracle Certified Master) for Oracle Database 12c is a top level certification. It is one of the most challenging certification available in the industry and validates skills of the most highly skilled and experienced database experts.
  • Also, Oracle offers upgrade paths for the existing OCA and OCP professionals in newer 12c technology.

Oracle database 12c Training programs – how does it help me in my on-job tasks?

Oracle Database 12c training and certification program was developed by Oracle by keeping in view the task areas that are most important in a DBA’s everyday work, upon conducting a survey. The key Database areas are as follows:

  • DBA Core Essentials
  • Scalability
  • Networking
  • Database Storage
  • High Availability
  • Security
  • Distributed Databases
  • Very Large Database Administration

Explore Oracle Database 12c Training & Certification Today with Mercury Solutions

Mercury Solutions – An Oracle Approved Education Center

We offer best and the most valued courses that would fetch you better career and higher salary. Industry analysts and experts agree that training on Oracle technologies are among the most sought after badges of credibility for expertise in the Information Technology marketplace. Education Centers are carefully chosen by Oracle to ensure that delegates receive the best quality training and as Oracle Certified training center, we provide connoisseur instructions and certification preparation.

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