Is CompTIA’s A+ Certification Worth the effort?

CompTIA A+ certification is a leading vendor neutral certification exam for IT professionals. This exam is not bound to any specific vendor, instead based on an industry wide job task analysis. After long slumber and economic slowdown, in the present IT industry, CompTIA A+ is consistently increasing in popularity. To curb out all the doubts from the professionals’ minds about the value of CompTIA A+ Training and Certification and whether it is worthwhile to invest time, money and effort to … Read More

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Where the IT Jobs are?

So what are the job prospects for certification holders? It has been a constant discussion in the technology group about the kind of processes and procedures organizations can implement to improve business output. So these days, the employers are emphasizing on hiring properly IT trained and certified professionals on board.

For experienced folks, who want to prove their worth at a certain job role and command top dollar, usually attain IT certifications for the technologies that are in demand, like … Read More

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IT trends this season – the Linux way

IT trends dictates professionals’ career activity at large. IT trends not only help to identify the career opportunities and challenges, sensible and realistic approach after thorough analysis, helps to improve the quality of our career growth decision.

In this ever growing industry also, not all career IT Trainings and Certification remains in demand. Linux is one such technology which is on the rise in these times and has continued to record impressive growth. Linux certification is going to be massive … Read More

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Top Five Information Security courses in demand in 2011-12

Information Security again emerged as an area of high activity and growth. It has become not only and essential component for an organization but an obvious priority in an environment infested by spams, bugs,  virus, phishing and denial of service (DoS) attacks etc. hence, organization have become proactive in protecting their business from the information breaches. The companies have hence started to invest in information security skills and started hiring professionals well trained in IT security technologies.

The requirement for … Read More

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Get the right IT training and certification and achieve your dream career

As a beginner we always have various doubts and questions on our mind, especially when we see the successful people around, like IT professionals, specialists and experts. Who doesn’t want to get the clear and straight road to success, however several questions arises such as, how to get started? Who were their mentors? What IT certification is required to be followed?

The simple answer to all such question is a proper IT Training and Certification course. The success these … Read More

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Hands-on CCNA training course- the best way to clear the exam

The first step to achieve a successful career in IT is to achieve the certification first. If a person is aiming for a career as an IT professional then passing the exam is an essential first step towards achieving one’s goal. The CCNA certification exam covers the basics which are expected from any IT professional, it includes, establishing routers and switches, setting up networks and troubleshooting of the existing network configurations. To brush up your core knowledge and chisel your … Read More

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In pursuit of CCIE

The Cisco CCIE training and certification is one of the most respectable and acclaimed certification for IT professionals, required to displays expertise in the arena of networking. The knowledge and experience are most significant particulars of end-to-end networking. Holding this kind of official certification displays that one has possibly attained the mastery of the networking field. CCIE certified professionals are so less throughout the globe and is strictly so rare to find CCIE licensed professional that one has practically no … Read More

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Why Wireless Network Certification Is Hot? CCNA Wireless Training & Certification in brief

Wireless networking is considered as one of the most established forms of networking and communications in the country today. The structure of modern computer and information technology has been changed dramatically by removing cables and allowing mobile access to servers and other wireless devices. The business sector has taken note of the handheld and portable devices which is widespread with implementation of wireless network. Because of this new popularity of wireless network, newer technology certification has risen. CCNA wireless certification Read More

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The Value of IT Certification

Overview of IT Certification

Certifications have long been used as differentiator in the IT industry both by individuals and employers. As the marketplace shrinks and the competition increases, ensuring highly skilled and efficient workforce is mandatory. Not only attaining a good job and increasing better career prospects is linked with the IT certification, but also there are certain other advantages for both individuals and companies:

• More profit potential and income potential
• Better individual and team productivity
• Respect … Read More

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CompTIA CTP+ certification, the triple ladder to career in convergence

Looking for a career opportunity in convergence? CompTIA CTP+ training is the key to your success.

Research indicates that many organizations, these days are aggressively deploying convergence solutions. The rapidly growing demands of converged voice, video and data networking have suddenly raised the demands for this course. So, if you want to break into the convergence market, it’s best to focus on CompTIA CTP+ training & certification, and gain knowledge about the underlying technologies that are common to most vendors’ … Read More

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