Microsoft Trainings versus Open Source Linux Trainings

Long term trends in operating systems and databases development trainings

Nothing is more heated debate in IT training circles than a Microsoft versus open source training. Let’s make the comparison convincing and let’s start with focusing on server operating systems. While, Windows server trainings hit the highest points after the release of the new version of Windows server in 2004 and 2008, it has ended the decade with 36 per cent share of the market. In comparison Linux has performed … Read More

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Why IT Trainings & Certifications are really important?

This has always been under constant discussion in IT circles, that how important the IT Training & Certifications really are. It goes without saying that the certification provides worth to the already gained IT skills it also add to ones credibility. However, the discussion is essentially on how well the professional can actually do the job.

No doubt that, certification provides the knowledge and skills that are required to gain experience and also validate the same, which are in demand … Read More

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CCNA Certification: Three things to consider for a successful IT career

IT professionals seeking successful IT careers in networking, begin their journey with Cisco CCNA certification exam. Most consider the CCNA passing and the CCNA exam as crucial and the most essential part of the learning process and as the first step to achieve the career goal. Having a certification not only validates ones capabilities in the core competencies, but also enhance ones professional horizon and add benefits to overall career gains.

The CCNA certification exam covers the basics that any … Read More

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Top 3 IT security training courses and certifications: CEHv7, ECSA& CISSP

A variety of positions for certified security professionals has been developed in recent times in the IT industry, owing to the increased security concerns for both public and private sectors organizations. Hence, IT professionals seeking career in consulting must investigate through the three IT security training courses: CEH v7, EC-Council Certified Security Analyst training and CISSP training and certification.

The above mentioned IT security courses lay foundation for the careers in high level IT security positions. The specified … Read More

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Launching ITIL-Improving processes and creating crisis-proof IT service management

Service and process improvement is the agenda in the recent times, for every IT organization. In a bid to improve service and bridge gaps between various elements of IT, the organizations should look at ITIL best practice as a catalyst and facilitator to implement a service improvement.

Various big multinationals are split into different parts most notably between IT in the traditional sense, i.e. infrastructure, servers and so on, and others which is mostly concerned with the delivery of reporting. … Read More

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Cyber Forensic as a career: CHFI training and certification

Significant role of CHFI trainings in society and immense career opportunities for CHFI certified professionals

With the global reach of Internet and growing network infrastructure, technology is ever growing with ever increasing operations in a lot of companies. The cyber crimes hence are increasing every day, which is why the companies now require more professionals who can defend their infrastructure from various cyber crimes in form of computer security. In response of recent attacks on the businesses, companies these days … Read More

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CompTIA Linux+ training and benefits

CompTIA Linux+ is the fastest growing vendor-neutral certification. It is a well focused course to manage Linux operating system and is geared towards entry-level Linux professionals.

The certification demands certain prerequisites; one requires having a valid CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications or equivalent knowledge.

CompTIA certifications train and identify qualified, knowledgeable employees and validate foundation level Linux skills, also prepare the foundation for career advancement.

Professionals’ clearing the CompTIA Linux+ exam, by undertaking Linux Bootcamp training, demonstrates knowledge required … Read More

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VMware training courses, essential to reduce cost and maximize earnings

Integrate VMware trainings to enhance your IT staff’s skills and manage your virtual environment

To bring down the ever increasing IT and energy process for your line of work, gain workforce efficiency and reduce attrition, considering VMware training courses could prove beneficial. Virtualization process has its own long and short term benefits. Besides, reducing IT cost of organizations and increasing staff efficiency and utilization, it also proves to be beneficial for IT professionals.

VMware training courses help big way to … Read More

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CCNA security training, a stepping stone for IT security career

Cisco provides comprehensive training programs to achieve perfect security in an organization. Being the pioneers of networking landscape, they keep on developing latest technologies to ensure network security, to balance with the ever growing network infrastructure. Recently, Cisco announced a number of new specializations in its most popular certification program, which is CCNA program, popularly known as CCNA security certification.

CCNA security training program provides basic knowledge about the core security technologies of Cisco, it enables one to get a … Read More

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CEH v7 training, a pre-requisite for information security career

Become a certified ethical hacker and beat the attackers, think like them and get paid for it

If you have keen interest towards every aspect of the IT security, you are already working as a security professional or you are the one who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure, CEH v7 training is sure to allure you.  International Council of E-Commerce Consultants provides a vendor neutral certification, known as CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). This course enables … Read More

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