How to become a Penetration Tester – ECSA/LPT Exam Process and Eligibility

How to Become a Penetration Tester

Needless to say that a Penetration Tester (Ethical Hacker) is a professional who exploit and probes the security vulnerabilities in any network, application and system. In common words, he is a person who is licensed to hack systems using various penetration tools, some are commonly found and some that one can design to stimulate real-life cybercrime and attacks. These professionals have ultimate aim to help enterprises to improve network security measures. However, the question … Read More

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Android Applications Development – Need of the Hour

Android Applications Development Future
Android Applications Development is the Need of the Hour

Over the past half-decade, with proliferation of smartphones and internet services, usage of Mobile Apps has increased tremendously. Today we spend 90% of our smartphone time on our favourite Apps. We use these mobile apps to perform almost everything starting from getting directions to reach distant places, to order food, playing games, social networking to weather apps, searching hospitals and clinics, ordering medicines and other essential things of daily use. So, … Read More

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Benefits of Microsoft Certification – Value and Career Readiness

Henry Hartman once said – ‘Success comes when preparation meets opportunity’ and in today’s competitive tech world, training and certifications are vital to propel your career and make it successful.

Microsoft Certification Benefits
Benefits of Microsoft Certification

Benefits of Microsoft certification are innumerous, besides making you more employable, these certifications are pertinent to demonstrate your brilliance and expertise to advance your Microsoft career. There are other benefits of Microsoft Certifications as well. Certifications fuel your profile with new and upcoming skills and make … Read More

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How to Become an Ethical Hacker? Benefits, Syllabus and Fee

Ethical Hacker Benefits, Syllabus and Fee
Ethical Hacker Requirements, Benefits, Syllabus and Fee

So, mitigating buffer overflows, DDoS, virus attacks amuse you? If yes, you might want to consider attaining Ethical Hacking certification in order to become an Ethical Hacker aka CEH v9 certification holder from EC-Council. The best way to get hired as a cyber security professional or penetration tester and help probe and improve organizations network, applications and prevent from data theft and frauds.

The adventure may not be the same however, you may … Read More

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Benefits of CCNA Certification – Getting Ahead in Your Networking Career

CCNA benefits

CCNA certification is one of the most recognized and popular IT Certification of today. The data shows that 1 million CCNA certificates have already been awarded since 1998 – when it first came into existence. Cisco certifications is not just beneficial for the workforce and IT aspirants; it also is useful for employers. Needless to say that Cisco Certification has huge benefits. In the process of acquiring this certification many IT professionals have changed their lives and achieve real benefits Read More

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Benefits of Oracle Certification – Growth, Salary or Digital Badge

Benefits of Oracle Certification

Oracle Professionals with latest Oracle certifications have highly dynamic career. More than 80% of the OCPs (Oracle Certified Professionals) report a salary increase, growth in their career and promotions. Owing to its growing industry demands, Oracle Database Management has become a highly profitable and lucrative career option for modern IT professionals as Oracle skills are considered among top new-age tech skills. It’s not by fluke that Oracle Certifications have reached such humongous popularity. As against the usual thinking, benefits of … Read More

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Top New-Age Tech Skills to Double Your Salary

New Age Tech Skills to Double Your Salary

Do you want to create an irresistible profile or want to be hired faster with double the salary that you hold now? If your answer is a YES, then you must reach out to acquire these new age tech skills to not only get hired much faster but also earn far better salaries than the rest.

As per the recent developments, certain technologies like – Hadoop, R, Julia, scrum Master and DevOps may sound alien to many IT professionals and … Read More

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Top 5 Books for CCNA Certification Preparation – A Complete CCNA Study Guide

top 5 books_ccna

They say that “You cannot open a book without learning something” and when it comes to passing your exams, books become even pertinent resources to look forward to. Cisco certifications are one of the highly sort after qualifications that IT professionals are looking forward to attain this year, and chiseling your skills and brushing up your knowledge is some of the things that you may want to consider before even thinking of giving an attempt to it. Learning … Read More

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Top 7 Cloud Certification to Skyrocket Your IT Career in 2016

skyrocket you career

Cloud technology adoption in the industry is accelerating at a breakneck pace. In last couple of months there has been a tremendous growth in the leading cloud platforms, and technology providers are diversifying their products to meet consumer demand. This immense migration to cloud technologies has created huge demand in the job market and corresponding popularity among IT professionals to seek new Cloud related skills, technologies and services. As a result, the market is flooded with new Cloud Certifications from … Read More

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Have an IT Certification? Expect a Pay Raise this Year

After several years IT Certification pay is expected to bounce back this year, with the growth of skills of non-certified expertise, like – Operating Systems and Databases. The value and demand of so called non-certified skills and abilities went up off lately, nearly to 4% as compared to 10% of the certified skills (as per a survey in which about 200,000 jobs, across 2800 employers participated). In this survey, the participants who worked in IT departments are one-third … Read More

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