Become a future-ready Information Security Professional – 6 mandates

future_ready_cyber security

Owing to the release of new technology products every now and then, industry requires more and more cyber security professionals to bridge the skill-gap. It has been an ongoing requirement. Security professionals of the future require focusing on some key concepts in order to be future-proofed and well-equipped to handle the security issues of new upcoming technologies.

Programming Skills

Unlike other IT positions, security domains and professionals do require programming ability – coding skills, as one can:

  • Examine vulnerabilities in
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EC-Council launched New CEHv9 Training and Certification program – A sneak peek

CEHv9 Training and Certification

As organizations striving to match cyber security landscape with the ever-changing and growing technological advancements, EC-Council has updated and launched its CEH certification training to newer version 9- CEHv9 training and certification. In this version, the organization has tried to keep up with the changing times and emphasized on latest cyber attack vectors and addressed new vulnerabilities.

In the new CEHv9 training, EC Council has included modules and tools that participants could utilize to gain access to thousands … Read More

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Passing a Microsoft Certification Exam – 6 Tips

How to Pass Microsoft Certification Exam

Microsoft Certification Exams are around for many decades now, and experts those who have taken and passed these exams have developed various strategies and approaches towards passing and acquiring Microsoft exams. Being aspirants you need to have a proper strategic plan when you aim for Microsoft credentials. It may not be the same that we have laid here but certainly needs to be something that is well-planned. Nonetheless, it is sure that if you have a proper plan in … Read More

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Microsoft battle cry to take on the Cloud with new Microsoft Training and Certification program in 2015


Microsoft has been putting a lot of focus off lately on the Cloud technology. With the arrival of new Azure, Office 365 and now with the release of Office 2016 (added new functionalities to it’s cloud-based Office 365 service & also added few new features to the core desktop applications) it is pretty much what they have done and even planning to do in future.

They want to take things further into the Cloud starting from operating systems to higher-level … Read More

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Oracle Database 12c Training and Certification

Oracle Database 12c Training and Certification
Oracle Database 12c Training and Certification

In today’s competitive market, standing out from the rest is pertinent. With Oracle certification and Oracle training programs you meet the ever growing job requirements and prove your knowledge and position yourself for success.

The new Oracle Database 12c is a brand new product from Oracle, released upon careful listening to the customer needs. Oracle continues to listen to the customers’ needs and have added new features and functionality to address those needs. Mercury … Read More

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Asking your company to pay for your VMware Training & Certification program

VMware training and certification
Ask you employer to pay for VMware training and certification

Training budgets are not as plentiful as it was a few years ago in IT, these days it has become more and more difficult to ask and convince your employer to pay for your expensive training class even if the ROI is lucrative for the company. At the same time, it is important to continuously upgrade your skills. To keep yourself abreast with the evolving technology and to remain relevant … Read More

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Premium Pay IT Security Certifications of 2015

Blog_IT Security_pay rise_2015

Recent high-profile crimes against information security have brought to focus the need of skilled security professionals like never before these days. It has recently being confirmed from IT Skills and Certification Pay Index and surveys that IT professionals, those who have Information Security certifications earn and can expect premium pays.

With the rise of high-profile security breaches, companies are increasing the pay to hire the best (IT security certifications holders) and the brightest IT security professionals. It has been observed … Read More

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Are you in IT industry? Want to earn more money in 2015?


Upon exploring and filtering data from various sources and salary surveys, we have discovered association between situations where IT professionals have reported a higher income.

The recent reports depict clearly the most popular IT certifications that one requires to make more money this year, based on the average reported salary. The mentioned data display explicitly the responses from designated IT professionals and cover certifications details. Also, you may see and analyze your salary as compared to others with certifications.

Before … Read More

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Oracle Training and Certification programs – OCA Exam, Requirements and Scope in 2015

Oracle Blog

Many IT biggies – software and network systems companies offer certification programs for IT workers in order to demonstrate their competency in specific IT fields. One of such companies is Oracle Corporation. Upon attaining Oracle certification you achieve career as a database administrator, Oracle application developer or instructional coordinator among other domains. Oracle offers several professionals certifications programs for IT professionals, many of which are related to database and information management.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Certification

To get Oracle Certified … Read More

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ITIL Training and Certification to boost growth in organization in 2015

Blog_ITIL Professionals

Most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world is ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL provides a practical framework for planning, identifying, delivering and supporting IT services for businesses. ITIL provides support and best practices to wide range of organizations, it describes procedures, tasks and checklists that are not specific to any one particular organization. So, we can say that it is a universal framework. The main usage of ITIL is to demonstrate compliance and to … Read More

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