Why keep your IT skills current? 5 reasons

Today’s employers require goodness of both the world, which means they seek professionals with credentials and skills in latest technologies and relevant experience as well. Taking time off from your everyday schedule to get latest IT trainings and upgrade in latest technologies is the last thing on the to-do list of many professionals. On the other hands acquiring latest technologies are increasingly in-demand in the IT industry.

Let us see the 5 reasons why keeping your IT skills up-to-date is Read More

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Pass EXIN – ITIL Exam this season with the best IT Training solutions provider

Deepening your insights into IT Service management, EXIN ITIL training and thereupon certification works wonders for your IT career. ITIL Certification builds your credibility and makes you a better qualified IT specialist.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is used these days in almost all the organizations as an internationally known and accepted program that offer IT professionals with insights and equips them with tools for delivering or supporting IT services in a better way. It covers all the components, like maintenance, … Read More

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Get Cisco Certification through Customized Training and more

Mercury Solutions Limited offers a comprehensive set of training programs for individuals and corporate to national and international participants. As one of the leading Cisco Learning Partner, we provide customers with a highly engaged and hands-on training program from well-renowned and vendor certified expert trainers in the industry.

The instructors have many years of professionals and training experience in building and supporting Cisco based networks in various customer centric scenarios. The trainers we have lot of exposure in supporting a … Read More

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Cyber warfare is a new threat to nations, a survey

Recent studies reveal that IT professionals across globe believe cyber attacks are a greater threat to national security than the physical attacks. Top experts from IT industry believes that they have been invaded and hacked by malicious cyber criminals and are still inside. They consider that cyber crimes have been dominant.

The recent study was conducted across 900 executives and IT professionals from across world and the polled showed that 80 percent of the professionals think that nations were at … Read More

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Apple! Apple! Apple!

Past decade has clearly given Apple technologies soaring heights in revenues. When the complete industry was facing a dip, Apple sales were still rising up. In 2010 Apple sales jumped upto 70% when the entire IT industry got the increase of merely 4.5%. With the growing demands of Apple technology, the demands among IT professionals to seek Apple certifications has also increased.

Most of the analyst these days thinks that Apple has successful due to all the superficial reasons, like … Read More

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Is rapid evolution in technology wearing out your IT job role?

The initial phase of the 21st century has ushered a raft of new innovations and technologies in the IT industry. This paradigm shift has influenced the way IT industry works and even the demands of IT job roles in the industry.

Disappearance of traditional IT jobs

The traditional programmer jobs are disappearing. It has been predicted that these jobs are to reduce even more in coming years. The recent advancements in mobile-based technologies mean major changes for programmers. Languages … Read More

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5 IT professionals companies hiring now!

With the evolving trends and newer technologies hitting the market every day, companies are keen to hire professionals those who are skilled and up-to-date as per the changing market trends. These companies are hiring professionals in many areas of IT who have hands-on experience with new and evolving technologies such as Windows 7, Cloud computing, .NET 4.0, VMware and mobile application development among others.

Let us have a look at some of the job roles that are in demand:

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How to get a Red Hat Linux Certification?

Red Hat Certifications are selling like hot cakes this season! The steps for achieving certifications look very simple and fairly straightforward. Following the training schedule and devoting your time for the strategy prepared, however can be really tiring. Especially, for the more advanced certifications. Without any proper planning and roadmap no goals can be attained. Let us see the process you can follow to attain Red Hat certifications:

  • Deciding is pertinent - After keenly looking for the eligible criteria
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Your Last chance to clear CISA Exam June 2013

CISA Certification is established and sponsored by Information Systems Audit and Control Association-ISACA. It is an IT certification that is significant mainly for audit professionals. One needs to adhere to the ISACA ‘Code of Professionals Ethics’, for clearing the CISA certification exam primarily, besides getting proper CISA training and exam preparation.

Pre-requisites for CISA EXAM

The aspired professionals require adhering to the ISACA’s Code of Professionals Ethics. These professionals are required to submit the evidence of minimum five years of … Read More

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Secure your code with ECSP – Seek ECSP certification today!

The main issue that IT professionals and many IT companies are facing these days is lack of job oriented skills. Owing to the inadequate academician studies, in undergraduate or graduate level courses, IT professionals are not industry ready. Let us take the case of a programmer – a programmer oftentimes lacks the skill on secure coding which results in every day software bugs and other vulnerabilities. Most of the software bugs arise from the mentioned lack of knowledge in secure … Read More

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