Passing a Microsoft Certification Exam – 6 Tips

How to Pass Microsoft Certification Exam

Microsoft Certification Exams are around for many decades now, and experts those who have taken and passed these exams have developed various strategies and approaches towards passing and acquiring Microsoft exams. Being aspirants you need to have a proper strategic plan when you aim for Microsoft credentials. It may not be the same that we have laid here but certainly needs to be something that is well-planned. Nonetheless, it is sure that if you have a proper plan in place and go through the process then you will never fail an exam.

Thinking of taking up a Microsoft exam is heroic however, without a proper plan of ‘how to pursue’ is often a catastrophic method and one may end up taking a Microsoft certification exam retake.

Plan it well, take a look how:

Step – 1 Analyze the target

It goes without saying that passing Microsoft exam is not a cakewalk, the exam questions dive pretty much into minutia which even experts, with years of experience, might not able to answer sometimes. Every question is a trick question. It is possible to get certain questions which you have never even seen in any study material, no matter how well you have studied. So, you need to go and see the topics placed by Microsoft on exam description pages for every exam they administer.

For example, here is a snapshot of the page where Exam 70-461 – Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 details are given, take a look:

Microsoft Exam

As per Microsoft, this is the best place where one can go and study about an exam. Microsoft shows the weightage of the topics, the objectives and the skills-sets. From here you may prepare a proper break-up of a plan in a spreadsheet or a table. This can become your study guide for the rest of the program. Going forward you need to ensure that details of each skill-set is comprehensible to you. It is always better to look at the information that the company provides you instead of not having a slightest idea of what are we planning to achieve.

In case you plan to join a Learning Partner to take you through your Microsoft training and certification goal, you may not have to bother about self research. Mercury Solutions is a Silver Learning Partner of Microsoft providing Training and certification programs in various delivery modes such as – classroom, Live Online (Instructor-led), On-Demand training programs.

Step – 2 Finding Study Material

Again, it is not unknown to aspirants that you really need good study material to pass the exams and complete your study for the exam. In case you enroll for Official Microsoft Training from Learning Partner, you may not have to bother about the same. They provide you with Official course ware or as popular known as MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) for your complete study as Microsoft wants to you learn.

Step – 3 Taking notes- Taking technical details while studying

Technical details can be anything, take notes of anything that can be a question. These small notes need to be well-understood. There are high chances of getting question from these notes in the exam later. The act of writing or typing also serves the purpose sometimes.

Step 4 – Practice Matters

Mainly, there are two kinds of practice – technology practice and exam practice. Same as you have set-up and managing a system to take up certification exam, likewise it is pertinent to develop some test-taking skills and have understanding of what to expect when taking an exam. In simpler terms, taking up training program with lab-practice that aligns to your exam requirements serve your purpose completely.

Step – 5 Clear your mind and relax

It is possible to pass Microsoft exam at first attempt if you study what Microsoft wants you to study. Not knowing one or two questions doesn’t mean its the end of the world. There are few things to remember:

Missing a question is alright

Not having an idea of what the question is about is fine

Guessing has no penalty – so it’s alright to guess

It’s important to take it seriously and not be sloppy

Step – 6 Time Management

In the exam, you are given the total number of questions and amount of time available. In the beginning, you should always go through all the questions (total number of questions) and make sure that you figure out the total time duration you can spend on a single question. Guessing the number of question might result in leaving the latter questions due to dearth of time. Do not overspent any time on a single question, if you do not know the answer make a guess then return to it later when you have time in hand.

Mentioned approach may not be 100% infallible however, it is definitely handy for you as Microsoft career aspirant.

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