Premium Pay IT Security Certifications of 2015

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Recent high-profile crimes against information security have brought to focus the need of skilled security professionals like never before these days. It has recently being confirmed from IT Skills and Certification Pay Index and surveys that IT professionals, those who have Information Security certifications earn and can expect premium pays.

With the rise of high-profile security breaches, companies are increasing the pay to hire the best (IT security certifications holders) and the brightest IT security professionals. It has been observed that information security and cyber security certifications have   been showing a steady upward path, up 8% in the average market value.

The year 2015 is estimated to be a year with discretionary spending for information security which has started to show that every industry is formulating a cyber security strategy and budget which also include hiring right resources and people with apt skills in this area. With the increase in the requirement of more and more IT security professionals in the industry, it can also be viewed that global gap in cyber security skills is increasing. However, at the same time IT professionals are taking interest to seek information security training and certification programs to attain their dream career.

Foote Partner’s IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index for Q1 2015 – A report

The Index shows, on a quarterly basis, premium pay for 749 IT certifications and non certified skills. In the recent data, collected through April 1, 2015 included the information from 54,899 validated IT professionals premium pay for their respective skills and certifications.

Here, is the list of few of the top valuable and in-demand IT security skills and associated IT certification based on their premium pay:

Some in-demand IT security certifications of 2015

  • CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • ECSA /LPT - EC-Council Certified Security Analyst/ Licensed Penetration Testing
  • GIAC Certified penetration Tester
  • GIAC Security Essentials
  • Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
  • ECSP – EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer .NET
  • Check Point Certified Security Expert
  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional
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