RHCSS Training and certification program – to get Red Hat security skills

RHCSS training is one of the elite training courses of Red Hat, which has grown tremendously over the last few years. Many organizations are indulged in providing on-site training classes for the groups. Red Hat is one of the best and most recognized open source brands in the world and serves as a global leader in enterprise Linux.

Red Hat’s training and certification program indeed is challenging, however with proper hands-on Red Hat training and apt preparation for the certification exam one may easily obtain this credential. Being built on the security skills covered in the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) program, RHCSS training and certification program has RHCE as one of the pre-requisites. These courses are all upper level courses.

Exams upon completion of Red Hat RHCSS training:

Upon successful completion of these below mentioned three exams the current RHCEs obtains RHCSS certification:

  • EX333 Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services
  • EX423 Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication
  • EX429 SELinux Policy Administration

There are many other ways to get the training instead onsite training corporate classes, like:

Red Hat RHCSS training bootcamp is well planned and strategic to obtain this credential and one of the suitable ways to attain the Red Hat certifications. These classes are developed after well researched and organized planning methods to impart quality IT trainings and certifications. With appropriately focused curriculum and sessions, distanced from external interferences, the participants gain skills even quickly than in traditional classes.


  • Linux system administrators, those who are responsible for user account information.
  • System administrators – those who configure directory services and authentication
  • Experienced system administrators aspired to integrate directory service and authentication mechanisms
  • RHCEs on latest Linux platform
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