Significance of Citrix Certification and training in 2015!


In increasing the credibility of IT professionals in 2015, Citrix credentials play a highly pertinent role. These certifications are considered as most popular, recognized and valuable credentials in the sphere of data and technological innovation. Effective in delivering competitive solutions certified professionals display great skill and experience upon attaining such credentials. Besides giving solid background to your Citrix career, the credential has become the trademark for marketability, effectiveness and competitiveness for employers.

There are many levels of Citrix Certifications and training in each of the domains is very important to seek the certifications:

  • CCA – Citrix Certified Administrator – It embodies product proficiency to Citrix platform and other specialized certifications. Additionally, attaining Citrix certifications proves your enterprise partners, resellers, consultants and administrators about your capability.
  • CCIA – Citrix Certified Integration Architect – The idea is to examine, design, try and make different Citrix systems and making sure that fewer expenses incur with best implementing rates.
  • CCEA – Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator – Being one of the specialized domains of Citrix attaining these credentials displays your knowledge by emphasizing on the skills necessary for using and setting Meta Frame Access Suite.

What is the value?

  • You get the most innovative and up-to-date skills sets and the most recent knowledge of your domain. You get an added edge over others while applying and appearing for a job.
  • You get to appear for one of the highest paying jobs in the industry that pays around $80,000-$95,000. The certification validates your mastery over networking, virtualization skills so you get the best rewards from the market.
  • Organizations use these criteria to measure the knowledge of the top performers, so attaining certifications give you an added edge.
  • You can go for the variety of job roles. Citrix technologies mean you can choose from various domains, such as Cloud Computing, Networking, Virtualization and so forth.

Mercury Solutions Limited offers the best IT Training and certification courses. You get training from seasoned, world-class vendor-certified trainers into technologies such as – Citrix, CEH and CISA, VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, Oracle and many more. We provide IT training programs in various methods, like – IT Certification Boot Camps for international students and Virtual Instructor-led Live Virtual IT trainings.



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