Social Networking Sites – How to stay safe?

Our daily lives and activities are greatly impacted with the rise of Social media. Beside, changing our lives completely it has eliminated all possible geographical boundaries and has given us plethora and network to share and link-up with people across the world.

However, every technology has its own pros and cons, in this social networking life has deeply impacted our personal conversations as well as remarks that may be visible to others. Also, few elements may use your private information for their purpose through dishonest means.

When one become a Secure Computer User, you get more informed about the safe online behavior on social networking sites, besides saving you from being taken advantage of.

Let us see few tips to stay safe on social networking sites:

Never indulge in too much data sharing – Giving your personal information over the net, like home and office phone numbers and address, only makes you more vulnerable to identity thefts. Putting too much information on the internet makes one more susceptible to criminal activities, also finding about the source before giving any information on the internet.

Do not accept friendship request from anyone and everyone – It is important to accept friend requests from legitimate people, whom you may know. It is pertinent to be cautious while selecting internet friends. When in doubt, drop it.

Keep privacy – Use privacy settings and keep your information safe and secure. Additionally, you should also spread awareness and ask friends to use privacy setting, it not only make their information secure but in a manner make your comments or posts you are tagged in safer.

Never trust people online – One should never easily trust people who meet you online. There are a lot of scams prevailing and people disguise themselves as common friends or try to become your friend. One should always avoid falling prey to their malicious intentions.

If one inculcate these small habits while surfing social media networking sites, you would definitely be safe from these cyber security threats.

EC-Council has developed and launched a very popular course among the youth, to safeguard their personal information over the internet:

EC-Council CSCU training and certification course

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