Tech Skills 2015 – For an exceptional IT Career!

Technology is changing so rapidly that the skills that you mastered yesterday may become obsolete tomorrow. The only option to be abreast with change and ahead of the crowd is to keep oneself updated with emerging technologies and trends as well as skills needed to be proficient in them.

Illustrated below is a list of few tech skills which have been stated as “must known” for 2015.

Big Data

According to a definition by SAS, “Big data is a popular … Read More

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Is rapid evolution in technology wearing out your IT job role?

The initial phase of the 21st century has ushered a raft of new innovations and technologies in the IT industry. This paradigm shift has influenced the way IT industry works and even the demands of IT job roles in the industry.

Disappearance of traditional IT jobs

The traditional programmer jobs are disappearing. It has been predicted that these jobs are to reduce even more in coming years. The recent advancements in mobile-based technologies mean major changes for programmers. Languages … Read More

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