How to become a Penetration Tester – ECSA/LPT Exam Process and Eligibility

How to Become a Penetration Tester

Needless to say that a Penetration Tester (Ethical Hacker) is a professional who exploit and probes the security vulnerabilities in any network, application and system. In common words, he is a person who is licensed to hack systems using various penetration tools, some are commonly found and some that one can design to stimulate real-life cybercrime and attacks. These professionals have ultimate aim to help enterprises to improve network security measures. However, the question … Read More

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EC -Council CEHv8 – World’s best Ethical Hacking Certification program ever, available now!

EC-Council’s new Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv8) certification program (launch date – 20th May 2013) receives the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) personnel Certification Accreditation.

EC-council is one of the few organizations to have achieved this accreditation in the information security (IS) specialization. For attaining ANSI accreditation any organization needs to go through a stringent quality review and assessments.

CEHv8 is world’s most advanced ethical hacking course. The Certification course has been brought up with 20 most current … Read More

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CEH v7 training, a pre-requisite for information security career

Become a certified ethical hacker and beat the attackers, think like them and get paid for it

If you have keen interest towards every aspect of the IT security, you are already working as a security professional or you are the one who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure, CEH v7 training is sure to allure you.  International Council of E-Commerce Consultants provides a vendor neutral certification, known as CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). This course enables … Read More

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