Top 5 Books for CCNA Certification Preparation – A Complete CCNA Study Guide

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They say that “You cannot open a book without learning something” and when it comes to passing your exams, books become even pertinent resources to look forward to. Cisco certifications are one of the highly sort after qualifications that IT professionals are looking forward to attain this year, and chiseling your skills and brushing up your knowledge is some of the things that you may want to consider before even thinking of giving an attempt to it. Learning … Read More

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5 IT professionals companies hiring now!

With the evolving trends and newer technologies hitting the market every day, companies are keen to hire professionals those who are skilled and up-to-date as per the changing market trends. These companies are hiring professionals in many areas of IT who have hands-on experience with new and evolving technologies such as Windows 7, Cloud computing, .NET 4.0, VMware and mobile application development among others.

Let us have a look at some of the job roles that are in demand:

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Increase your Salary potential with CISCO certifications!

Despite the economy, there are many survey reports that show the growing needs for IT professionals in the industry. The primary reasons could be the constant evolution with advancements such as social network and mobile applications. Besides, ‘Virtualization’ and ‘Big Data’ that also is here, to add to the demand throughout the decade.

Possessing the right skills and being updated in your particular domain always pays one well. IT professionals those who want to get to the six-figure salary range … Read More

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Microsoft Certification Courses – Get your career on the right track

With the constant change in the software technology, the IT industry is evolving rapidly. The IT industry is in need of very high quality of IT professionals. IT industry being extremely volatile and have truly high demands for certified IT professionals now than ever. Employers are more likely to hire people who are already certified with renowned IT certifications, like Microsoft certifications, Cisco certifications, Oracle Certifications, RedHat certification or Oracle certifications.

The widespread adaptation and use of … Read More

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