Top Security Certifications to Kick-Off Your Career in 2016


So making more money is one of your New Year’s Resolutions in 2016? In this industry, increasing salary means to get better qualifications and credentials such as upgrading your profile and enhancing your profile with IT Certifications. These days earning an Information Security credential can help you open the door to a great job, as high profile security breaches have increased the need for skilled IT security professionals. Few researches has also come up that shows that the IT … Read More

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CompTIA to top the salary charts in 2015 – Survey analysis


They say – Doing what you like is freedom while liking what you do is happiness.”

Career in IT industry is a dream for millions, owing to the impressive compensation packages that it offers. It is definitely a path to the greener pastures. It has been proved that even through the economic turmoil the industry has held it credibility. Also, it has been established as a fact that IT Certifications is a significant differentiator for employees. Both aspirants and … Read More

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Learning at the speed of business

Seek CompTIA Security+ training and certification program this season!

With the increasing business and technological developments anytime-anywhere-any device has become new mantra of modern day organizations. Hence, it goes without saying that to safeguard of sensitive data has become a constant toil.

Owing to the growing demand of security sensitive data, computer security has become an essential IT career today. CompTIA Security+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification that is applicable to any computer system-vendor on any network.

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CompTIA Security+ training course – secure your IT career

Due to the growing security threats, information security domain is growing every day with the ever increasing and evolving technologies. Information security has become one of the most significant domains in global corporate sectors. Organizations are seeking to hire more and more IT professionals in this domain, owing to the growing demands in this sector. This has suddenly increased the demand of IT security training and certification courses among IT professionals, those who required securing their future in IT industry.… Read More

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