CompTIA to top the salary charts in 2015 – Survey analysis


They say – Doing what you like is freedom while liking what you do is happiness.”

Career in IT industry is a dream for millions, owing to the impressive compensation packages that it offers. It is definitely a path to the greener pastures. It has been proved that even through the economic turmoil the industry has held it credibility. Also, it has been established as a fact that IT Certifications is a significant differentiator for employees. Both aspirants and … Read More

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CompTIA Security+ training – to secure your career in IT industry

Since the inception, CompTIA Security+ Certification has become an important credential across organizations, both in government agencies and private sector companies. It has maintained its positions as a most popular IT certification. CompTIA Security+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification, thus it encompasses a broad range of knowledge that is not tied to any specific brand or software.

For the beginners, CompTIA Security+ certification is not only the right choice; it is also a credential that validates one’s worth to perform … Read More

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