Hiring hackers, is it a good idea?

Get CEHv8 certified professionals instead

Irrespective of the size and scale of the businesses, IT threats are hampering every company’s information security sphere. Due to this reason, management boards of the companies are constantly trying to find more methods and efficient ways to mitigate these crises. Now-a-days companies are trying to develop ways to ensure that their critical information remains safe and secure. However, the answer is not simple about hiring more information security professionals. As the skill gap between … Read More

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EC-Council awarded Mercury Solutions with Circle of Excellence ATC 2013

Mercury Solutions has been recently given accolade from EC-Council of Circle of Excellence ATC, thus recognizing company’s exceptional track record for delivering EC-Council training programs for the year 2013.

Mercury Solutions is one of the leading ATC- Accredited Training Centers of EC-council in South Asia and have been delivering world-class, high quality EC-Council trainings through various innovative and cutting-edge methodologies of imparting trainings.

What is EC Council “Circle of Excellence” Award?

EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award is given to recognize … Read More

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