3 Must Have IT Certifications for 2016

Must have IT certification of 2016

IT Professionals are aware of the fact that to skyrocket your technology career, the best method is to gain IT Training and Certification programs. It is the best way to increase your salary and validate your enhanced knowledge. Here are reports of some of the surveys complied to show you top certifications that are required in 2016 to add value to your profile.

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Top Security Certifications to Kick-Off Your Career in 2016


So making more money is one of your New Year’s Resolutions in 2016? In this industry, increasing salary means to get better qualifications and credentials such as upgrading your profile and enhancing your profile with IT Certifications. These days earning an Information Security credential can help you open the door to a great job, as high profile security breaches have increased the need for skilled IT security professionals. Few researches has also come up that shows that the IT … Read More

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Make IT Certification Your New Year Resolution 2016 – An Edu-investment

New Year Resolution_2016

It’s time again to make new resolutions, follow your dreams and passions. You have done it in the past and are sure to do it again. Actually, the spirit of the season drives our inner strengths and motivates us to think about our future, so desperately, in the beginning of the year. This time make learning your priority. As we know “An investment in knowledge never goes waste”.

Here are five reasons as to why is won’t be … Read More

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Are you in IT industry? Want to earn more money in 2015?


Upon exploring and filtering data from various sources and salary surveys, we have discovered association between situations where IT professionals have reported a higher income.

The recent reports depict clearly the most popular IT certifications that one requires to make more money this year, based on the average reported salary. The mentioned data display explicitly the responses from designated IT professionals and cover certifications details. Also, you may see and analyze your salary as compared to others with certifications.

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Why keep your IT skills current? 5 reasons

Today’s employers require goodness of both the world, which means they seek professionals with credentials and skills in latest technologies and relevant experience as well. Taking time off from your everyday schedule to get latest IT trainings and upgrade in latest technologies is the last thing on the to-do list of many professionals. On the other hands acquiring latest technologies are increasingly in-demand in the IT industry.

Let us see the 5 reasons why keeping your IT skills up-to-date is Read More

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Top 5 IT certifications – portfolio 2013

With the ‘Big Data’ coming our way now, the opportunities, which the IT professionals were waiting for since a long time now, is also coming our way. To gear-up and get ready for these job opportunities, the aspirants are required to upgrade their skill set and gain IT certifications that are in high demands these days.

The biggest challenge is to get properly skilled IT professionals for a particular job role. To get aptly qualified for these coming job opportunities … Read More

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