India’s IT Spendings in 2015 to touch a staggering $73.3 Billion!!!

Future of IT Spendings

According to a recent report by research firm Gartner Inc., India’s IT spending has been anticipated to reach $73.3 billion during the year 2015 as compared to $67.1 billion in 2014.

At this pace of IT investment, India is destined to crown itself as the third largest IT market in Asia pacific region by the year 2016 and as second largest by the year 2018, right after China, the major portion of which is to occur right in the … Read More

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How to get and maintain your IT job amidst economic crisis?

Certain critical steps to be in demand and keep up your position in the Industry- invest in yourself and show your worth

The global economic situation is making times very uncertain for IT experts. It has become really tough for the IT professionals to find and keep a job, while IT professionals and IT experts were completely safe about their position in the company, now they have started feeling insecure and constantly updating their resumes.

The times are extremely competitive, … Read More

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Why do IT Certifications Still Matter?

In these changing IT landscape, the changing trends has made hiring managers take more care to look for right talent by observing thoroughly from all the perspective. Since, IT industry now-a-days expects more IT professionals, it has become extremely critical to understand the value of apt IT training and certification.

With the changing times, the period of dot-com has dramatically evolved. Innumerous new combination of knowledge, experience and skill set, various IT certification and IT training is what employers … Read More

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Where the IT Jobs are?

So what are the job prospects for certification holders? It has been a constant discussion in the technology group about the kind of processes and procedures organizations can implement to improve business output. So these days, the employers are emphasizing on hiring properly IT trained and certified professionals on board.

For experienced folks, who want to prove their worth at a certain job role and command top dollar, usually attain IT certifications for the technologies that are in demand, like … Read More

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Get the right IT training and certification and achieve your dream career

As a beginner we always have various doubts and questions on our mind, especially when we see the successful people around, like IT professionals, specialists and experts. Who doesn’t want to get the clear and straight road to success, however several questions arises such as, how to get started? Who were their mentors? What IT certification is required to be followed?

The simple answer to all such question is a proper IT Training and Certification course. The success these … Read More

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Why IT Trainings & Certifications are really important?

This has always been under constant discussion in IT circles, that how important the IT Training & Certifications really are. It goes without saying that the certification provides worth to the already gained IT skills it also add to ones credibility. However, the discussion is essentially on how well the professional can actually do the job.

No doubt that, certification provides the knowledge and skills that are required to gain experience and also validate the same, which are in demand … Read More

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Onsite training, improved productivity with zero downtime

High quality training, with better expediency and impact right at the company’s doorstep

To achieve the required goals in any organization, ongoing employee trainings are very useful and considered one of the best practices in the organization. To get the perfect solution to the required aim, on-site training method is turning out to be the most efficient way to train the workforce.

On-site training has gained popularity recently among the corporate leaders because of its unique ability to reduce the … Read More

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