Have an IT Certification? Expect a Pay Raise this Year

After several years IT Certification pay is expected to bounce back this year, with the growth of skills of non-certified expertise, like – Operating Systems and Databases. The value and demand of so called non-certified skills and abilities went up off lately, nearly to 4% as compared to 10% of the certified skills (as per a survey in which about 200,000 jobs, across 2800 employers participated). In this survey, the participants who worked in IT departments are one-third … Read More

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Tech Skills 2015 – For an exceptional IT Career!

Technology is changing so rapidly that the skills that you mastered yesterday may become obsolete tomorrow. The only option to be abreast with change and ahead of the crowd is to keep oneself updated with emerging technologies and trends as well as skills needed to be proficient in them.

Illustrated below is a list of few tech skills which have been stated as “must known” for 2015.

Big Data

According to a definition by SAS, “Big data is a popular … Read More

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India’s IT Spendings in 2015 to touch a staggering $73.3 Billion!!!

Future of IT Spendings

According to a recent report by research firm Gartner Inc., India’s IT spending has been anticipated to reach $73.3 billion during the year 2015 as compared to $67.1 billion in 2014.

At this pace of IT investment, India is destined to crown itself as the third largest IT market in Asia pacific region by the year 2016 and as second largest by the year 2018, right after China, the major portion of which is to occur right in the … Read More

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Making your IT Boot Camp journey more convenient and fruitful!

Just like you believe that IT Boot Camp trainings beget dream career path, it’s a mission for us to make you reach this destination that you have chosen for yourself. Mercury Solutions Limited strives constantly in this regard to make your endeavour as smooth as possible for every participant.

All our past reviews and testimonials from past students shows that their experiences are extremely fruitful with us and have always been very delightful. We constantly strive to imbibe improvements and … Read More

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Microsoft Certification – a perfect way to become IT superstar

Being more than a proof of the credentials and knowledge of current operating system and application, Microsoft training and certification has always been in demand among IT professionals.

Mainly, meant for validating the exposure and experience of network administration, database administrator and database developer, .NET developers, eMail servers, SharePoint administrators and developers and other IT job profile.

Significance of Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Certifications validates that the companies and government organizations to understand and ensure that the candidates are competent enough … Read More

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How to get and maintain your IT job amidst economic crisis?

Certain critical steps to be in demand and keep up your position in the Industry- invest in yourself and show your worth

The global economic situation is making times very uncertain for IT experts. It has become really tough for the IT professionals to find and keep a job, while IT professionals and IT experts were completely safe about their position in the company, now they have started feeling insecure and constantly updating their resumes.

The times are extremely competitive, … Read More

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The future of IT industry- Three kinds of jobs to rise

In these fast evolving times, when IT industry and job market is changing swiftly, the main focus remains at mainly, three types of job roles. Since its inception, the industry has seen in constant progress, from IT professionals creating headlines as the technology and the computerized systems were being replaced with manual ones, to the recent times when the IT Industry and IT majors has stopped looking for coders and more interested in hiring system administrators to run servers. Now, … Read More

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