On Demand or Self-Paced Trainings Preferred Over Classroom – The New Cloud Focused World


With the major technology shift to Cloud Computing, the investments that corporates are making in imparting training programs is also shifting to similar patterns. Organizations and enterprises are resorting to more flexible, self-paced training and cost-effective way to implement training programs to equip their staff for future technologies. Not so long ago, training programs spreading over few weeks, asking for resources to spent weeks away from office for training, was the only practical option. However, now the times have changed … Read More

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Learning beyond Classroom Sessions, Evolving Training Methods – 2016

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IT training industry has evolved over the years with technology changing every quarter now altering the training delivery methods. Revolutionizing of training strategies is taking place and introduction of new modalities wherein it is re-introducing technology in the way people learn now has become pertinent. In this manner organizations are evolving there ideologies in learning strategies.

It goes without saying that traditional Instructor-led training is still the most popular method to attain technology training. These days, with rapid technological enhancements, … Read More

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