The future of IT industry- Three kinds of jobs to rise

In these fast evolving times, when IT industry and job market is changing swiftly, the main focus remains at mainly, three types of job roles. Since its inception, the industry has seen in constant progress, from IT professionals creating headlines as the technology and the computerized systems were being replaced with manual ones, to the recent times when the IT Industry and IT majors has stopped looking for coders and more interested in hiring system administrators to run servers. Now, when the IT departments are drastically reduced and the tech support professionals and help desk has been entirely outsourced the job profiles became very limited and future requirements are mainly in the three spheres:

IT jobs of the future are as:

Consultants -All the major companies are striving to keep the numbers of IT professionals less. Mainly, the reason is that the IT professionals are very expensive. They also refrain from making the IT department to centralize which eventually becomes unmanageable. Hence, mainly the IT administration and support functions get outsourced to third party consultants. In future IT administrators and support professionals would migrate completely for big vendors or consultancies.

IT training and certifications are sure to help IT professionals to be at the edge. The hot certifications are CCNA certification, MCITP certification, MCSA training and many more.

Project Managers – In future, the IT workers who would sustain in the traditional companies will be project managers and the part of the centralized IT department. They will be more involved in business units and will assist in interaction with stakeholders about technological solutions for business improvements.

Some best project managements IT training courses and IT certifications are CompTIA Project+ certification, MCSE: Planning, Deploying and Managing Enterprise Project Management Solutions training, PMP, etc.

Developers – In times to come, the IT industry will move towards web-based applications. ┬áIt has been the area where the largest number of IT jobs is moving into developer, programmer and coder jobs. The requirements in future would be for those who deploy and support apps and those who build them.

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