The Value of IT Certification

Overview of IT Certification

Certifications have long been used as differentiator in the IT industry both by individuals and employers. As the marketplace shrinks and the competition increases, ensuring highly skilled and efficient workforce is mandatory. Not only attaining a good job and increasing better career prospects is linked with the IT certification, but also there are certain other advantages for both individuals and companies:

• More profit potential and income potential
• Better individual and team productivity
• Respect and appreciation of peers
• Increase industry credibility
• Reduction in support expenses
• Access into a community of like-minded professionals

The Value of IT Certification
The Value of IT Certification

Value to Organization

IT individuals and teams are of utmost priority and play a more active role in IT companies today than they did a decade ago. In order to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, maximum performance is essential, for which IT training and certifications are valued.

Value to Individual

IT professionals earned more than their counterparts, who have achieved IT certification during the last five years. Also, networking, which is a great benefit of attaining IT certification, is the key to career development and the ability to exact special privileges from IT companies sponsoring certification can be a huge benefit to those just entering the workforce as well as more established professionals.

Value to Solution Provider

When working with a solution provider that holds IT Certifications, over 80% of end-users place more trust in their partner’s advice. Close to 80% are more likely to influence the partners on other engagements.

Hence, under the current market trends, organizations and individuals must consider the costs and benefits of investing time and money in differentiating themselves from the competition. Before going for any IT certification, a proper research of IT certifications offered in your field of interest should be considered. Additionally, all available preparation materials should be taken into consideration, in order to gauge whether the accreditation is a good fit for you. Since there will be an initial investment involved, it is wise to pursue an IT credential that will serve you now and in years to come.

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